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Mar 2021 – Selected for KISTA IP-R&D support business for R&D strategy

Apr 2021 – Patent registration - ‘Isolation method of progenitor cells using cold shock and method for                                 producing exosome using these progenitor cells’

May 2021 - Signed MOU with KOLMAR KOREA HOLDINGS for research collaboration using ExDLL platform

May 2021 - Patent registration - 'Pharmaceutical composition for the prevention and treatment of                                        dermatitis using progenitor cell derived multifunctional exosomes


Jan 2020 – Acquired permission for manufacturer and marketing authorization holder from KFDA

Mar 2020 – Acquired permission for LMO (Living Modified Organism) research facility from KCDC

Apr 2020 – Completed toxicity test for TEXsome (Own developed exosome)

May 2020 – Acquired VENTURE COMPANY certification by Ministry of SMEs and Startups

May 2020 – TEXsome acquired approval for INCI application and published in ICID

Jun 2020 – Attend 2020 BIO USA (BIO DIGITAL) (Supported by KOTRA)

Jun 2020 – Completed licensing for cell line establishment

Aug 2020 – Cosmetic manufacturer approved by KFDA

Oct 2020 – Launched cosmetic products ATO STANDARD 


Mar 2019 – TIMEBIO Co., Ltd. was founded

Apr 2019 – Established corporate research institute (Certified by Korea Industrial Technology Association)

Jul 2019 – Completed clean room construction and class validation

Nov 2019 – Research using human source granted IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval

Nov 2019 – Signed a 10-year supply contract (exclusive in South Korea) for ATO STANDARD with THERAGEN ETEX Co., Ltd.

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